Gafisa diversifies its performance segments by acquiring 60% interest in Tenda, a builder specialized in the low-income segment


Minha Casa Minha Vida Program
Merger between Tenda and Gafisa, which now holds 100% control
Tenda shares its executive board with Gafisa
Expansion continues
Operating challenges result in R$660 million losses in 2011


Selection of an executive board concerned with the low-income segment and Tenda brand
Restructuring and downsizing


Focus on delivering legacy
Launches within the New Business Model, anchored in 4 pillars:
  • Forms of aluminum
  • Project financing in launch
  • In-company sales force (stores)
  • Integrated sales with transfer of financing to the banks


Beginning of the corporate separation process between Tenda and Gafisa, with the celebration of the agreement to sell, up to a 30%, Tenda shares to Jaguar Real Estate Partners, LP, a company of the Jaguar Growth Asset Management Group, LLC.


Conclusion of the separation process between Tenda and Gafisa with a listing of Tenda in B3 on May 04
Shares started to be traded in B3 special segment called Novo Mercado on June 28. Novo Mercado is the highest level of Corporate Governance
New board of directors announced on July 26